Nomination Criteria & Governance Guidelines

Policy for Director Attendance at Annual Meeting of Shareholders

The Corporation expects that all directors and nominees for election as directors at an annual meeting of shareholders will attend the annual meeting, absent a valid reason, such as a schedule conflict.

Five directors attended the annual meeting of shareholders held on March 26, 2019.

Policy for Shareholder Communications with Directors

Shareholders of the Corporation may communicate with the Board or any individual Director by directing such communication to the Corporation’s Secretary at the address of the Corporation’s headquarters, 48 NW 25 Street, Suite 102, Miami, Florida 33127. Each such communication should indicate that the sender is a shareholder of the Corporation and that the sender is directing the communication to one or more individual Directors or to the Board as a whole.

All communications will be compiled by the Corporation’s Secretary and submitted to the Board of Directors or the individual Directors on a monthly basis unless such communications are considered, in the reasonable judgment of the Secretary, to be improper for submission to the intended recipient(s). Examples of shareholder communications that would be considered improper for submission include, without limitation, customer complaints, solicitations, communications that do not relate directly or indirectly to the Corporation or the Corporation’s business or communications that relate to improper or irrelevant topics. The Secretary may also attempt to handle a communication directly where appropriate, such as where the communication is a request for information about the Corporation or where it is a stock-related matter.