VERU INC. filed this 8-K on 20190329

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Subdocument - 8-K - FORM 8-K
  Page 2 - Section 5 Corporate Governance and Management
  Page 3 - Section 9 Financial Statements and Exhibits
Subdocument - EX-3.1 - EX-3.1
  Page 1 - Exhibit 3.1
  Page 2 - N/A
Subdocument - EX-10.1 - EX-10.1
  Page 1 - Exhibit 10.1
  Page 2 - VERU INC.
  Page 3 - VERU INC.
  Page 4 - Change of Control means a Change of Control as defined in Section 8(b) of the Plan.
  Page 5 - Dividend Equivalent means a right, granted to a Participant under Section 6(g) hereof, to receive ca
  Page 6 - Incumbent Board means the Incumbent Board as defined in Section 8(b)(ii) hereof.
  Page 7 - Restricted Stock means any Share issued with such risks of forfeiture and other restrictions as the
  Page 8 - Administration.
  Page 9 - Shares Subject to Plan.
  Page 10 - Eligibility; Per-Participant Limitations. Awards may be granted under the Plan only to Eligible Pers
  Page 11 - Time and Method of Exercise. The Committee shall determine the time or times at which or the circums
  Page 12 - Stock Appreciation Rights. The Committee may grant Stock Appreciation Rights to any Eligible Person
  Page 13 - Restricted Stock Awards. The Committee is authorized to grant Restricted Stock Awards to any Eligibl
  Page 14 - Restricted Stock Unit Award. The Committee is authorized to grant Restricted Stock Unit Awards to an
  Page 15 - Performance Awards. The Committee is authorized to grant Performance Awards to any Eligible Person p
  Page 16 - Certain Provisions Applicable to Awards.
  Page 17 - Exemptions from Section 16(b) Liability. It is the intent of the Company that the grant of any Award
  Page 18 - Change of Control.
  Page 19 - Definition of Change of Control. Unless otherwise specified in any employment or other agreement for
  Page 20 - Incumbent Board ) cease for any reason to constitute at least a majority of the Board; provided, how
  Page 21 - General Provisions.
  Page 22 - Adjustments in Case of Certain Transactions. In the event of any merger, consolidation or other reor
  Page 23 - Other Adjustments. Subject to compliance with the Code, the Committee is authorized to make adjustme
  Page 24 - Changes to the Plan and Awards. The Board may amend, alter, suspend, discontinue or terminate the Pl
  Page 25 - Limitation on Rights Conferred Under Plan. Neither the Plan nor any action taken hereunder or under
  Page 26 - Payments in the Event of Forfeitures; Fractional Shares. Unless otherwise determined by the Committe